Audio Video Installations

Tech-Men can supply and install all your audio and video needs as well as communications, networking and smart home control.

Service List

From a casual A/V setup in the den to a full blown dedicated theater room, we do it all.   A rear projection TV, Plasma, LCD or front projector can be integrated to fit your needs and room size.  We can even hide the speakers for a clean design.

Home Theater

Inspirational music in the kitchen, classical in the den and downstairs is up to the kids, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Multi-source (CD, Radio, MP3, etc.) and multi-zone (kitchen, den, rec room, gym, etc.) can easily be a reality from a basic system of keypads to an upscale version with touch screen panels.

Distributed Audio and Video

Cable, satellite, telephone and networking are all becoming integrated in the new smart homes.  Let us wire your house so that the possibilities are endless, now and in the future.  Wireless has its place, but if you can hardwire it you know your getting the signal every time all the time.

Structured Wiring

Home lighting, heating, cooling, appliances, audio, video, and security can all be controlled by a touch panel or computer.  They can be set on a schedule, adjusted, and checked from your home or anywhere you can find internet access, even from your network enabled PDA or phone.  Access is password secured.

Smart Home Control

Audio Video Installations