The plasma can be viewed from the bed or swiveled out to be viewed from a sitting area.  In- wall speakers play music controlled by a keypad or defaulted to the TV.

On-wall plasma with on-wall speakers solve a depth problem with a brick wall.  In-ceiling rear speakers complete the set-up with the equipment in a cabinet remotely controlled.

A 20” LCD is hooked up to the satellite and DVD in the home theater, remotely controlled with sound coming from the ceiling speakers.  Dual access from a keypad or handheld remote.

Full surround sound Home Theater in the family room.  A 50” plasma with speakers and equipment in the cabinet and remotely controlled.

A discreet home theater is accomplished with in-wall speakers for front left, right and center and on the rear side walls.  The plasma is over the fireplace and equipment is hidden in a cabinet.

Bedroom Plasma

Family Room

Home Gym

Games Room—Social Club


Previous projects

Audio Video Installations

Home Theater

A dedicated Home Theater (or multi-use theater) can be installed and still keep a good design aesthetic in the room.  Front projectors can be mounted on lifts to disappear in the ceiling and screens can roll up into a soffit to become invisible.